Hug for candidates

For candidates

Why use Hug to find your next job?

If you secure a new job via Hug, we gift 100% of our net profits to you and society. We gift yours in the form of a "Hug Balance" which you can access after two years. When you consider the average recruitment agency introduction fee equates to a significant percentage of an annual salary, this can be a meaningful amount.

By partnering with us and enabling a large proportion of that fee to be gifted directly to you, this is an exceptional gesture your new employer is making.

For candidates

Significant, free financial gift

If you secure a new job via Hug, we gift to you the majority of our profits. We call this your "Hug Balance" which we credit every month for up to two years (or less if you leave the employer). This is something no other agency currently offers.

Every employer will expect a recruitment agency to agree a rebate period, in case a new hire does not remain in employment for a minimum period. Typically rebate terms cover the first three months of employment and no longer than six months. After a rebate term expires, the first credit into your hug balance will be equal to the accrued value you would have been gifted during that rebate period.

If you were looking for your next career move and you were aware of an organisation that gifted as much of their profits as they could back to you, wouldn't you at least ensure your up-to-date CV was registered with them?

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Piggy bank

Work with employers who share our vision

A solid commitment to social impact initiatives is very much on the agenda for so many companies these days. It is not only important to their customers but also their employees.

Given the opportunity, companies (already committed to engaging with recruitment agencies to support their recruitment objectives) will naturally prefer to work with Hug.

In doing so they unlock the unique opportunity to further financially support you from the day you join them. At scale, they are also benefiting society by reinjecting as much of their recruitment agency expenditure back into the pockets of the job seeking community. An honourable cause that sits at the very centre of Hug's mission to support the financial wellbeing of as many people globally as we can.

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Professional recruitment agents

All our dedicated recruitment agents are proud and excited to be part our mission to disrupt a $400B annual global market and make it do good for society. They are also committed to providing the most professional, hard working, ethical and personable service they can, to candidates and clients alike.

We know how much of a difference this makes - you are not just a number to us and you will be treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

It costs nothing, but we take pride in it. We can't promise to find everyone a job but we'll try our very best to.

We can promise to deliver a first-rate candidate experience, because when you shared your résumé with us you became part of the Hug mission, for which we are truly thankful.

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Easy résumé registration

We make it easy to register and keep your profile up to date.

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